Hey there!  My name is Ally and I run the Fitted Frame.  I'm 19 and a college student at The University of Oregon.  I'm slightly obsessed with fashion, art, and food.  Also, I love indie music and nerdy things, so feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to discuss the finer points of Bon Iver or Community.

The Fitted Frame started in July 2012 and offers a blunt opinion on fashion and beauty. I tend to be very opinionated and if I offend you, I'm sorry. My goal is to either make you laugh or think and, on good days, both.

I'm always open to sponsors, guest posts, and conversation.  Feel free to contact me at thefittedframe@gmail.com. I'm open to criticism as well - how else am I supposed to get better?


  1. Your blog looks wonderful. I'm going to pass the link along to a few friends. Say hi to your mom and dad for me. Keep up the great work, and get back to studying!

  2. "I'm an opinionated person and if I offend you - I'm sorry." That's great haha.