An Analysis of Style

Shirt: Madewell (different color)  Belt: old Coach  Shorts: Levi's (similar)  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban  Jewelry: UO and DogEared  Shoes: Coach

Hey - haven't seen you guys for a while.  I'm sorry for my brief departure, but I'm back~

I notice that blogs seem to grab "inspiration" from one another - especially when it comes to styling. Recently I've been seeing a lot of the half tuck and the top knot.

Hand in hair, top knot in place, flamingo pose, admiring the ground - my most original picture to date.
Before reading any further, please remember that these are my opinions and I am not saying they are better than yours nor correct.

To start with the positive - I really do like the top knot.  I'm not exactly good at it, but they're flattering.  Looks great with collared shirts.

Now, onto the bad - the half tuck.  Based on my "research", I believe that J. Crew started doing this, then popular fashion bloggers, then regular bloggers.  I really don't understand what is appealing about this look.  I think fully tucked in shirts look much better than leaving a flap out or just tucking in the middle.

Maybe the half tuck is only popular because J.Crew (and Madewell, much to my chagrin) is doing it and bloggers want to attract them as sponsors? Or maybe people actually do like the half tuck.

I would love to talk about this in the comments!  If you do like it, tell me so.  Thought provoking discussion can be had even when it comes to fashion.
Gotta love the reflection of my boyfriend.
So, what do you think of the new styles you're seeing lately?


P.S. - This is only a taste of some new, more opinionated and "discussion promoting" content that I plan on bringing to my corner of the Internet.  Stay tuned!


Comic Con Cool Down

Edit 7/26 - Hey guys - I'm sorry I haven't updated for a while. I've been busy in Kansas for the past few days.  I got back a couple days ago but I'm a bit sick.  Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but I'm extremely dizzy from my illness and it's really bogging down my brain.  So, I'm not in the best frame of mind to produce quality content.  I will be back very shortly (outfit post tomorrow).  I'm not stopping blogging at all!  Just wanted to give an update to everyone. Thanks!

Summoning the Dark Lord and I'm extremely happy about it...
Shirt: Madewell  Shorts: Madewell  Jewelry: Madewell, Lucky, gifted
My mom bought this outfit for me for my birthday (it was about two months ago) and I love it.  Orange is my favorite color, and I've been looking for a tunic to buy, so it was a win-win situation for me.

Also, I am back from Comic Con - what an amazing experience.  I high fived Joel McHale, met Seth Green and Chad Michael Murray, and got an awesome shirt with Nick Cage on it.

Yes, that is Nick Cage as a dragon.
All in all I had a great time.  I would tell you all to get a ticket for the next one, but we already have enough people there!

A side note, I'll be in Kansas from Thursday till Monday.  Hopefully I'll be able to post a bit while I'm stuck there!


Beach Days

Top: Vince,  Shorts: Alice & Olivia,  Jewels: Juicy Couture and Gifted 
Yesterday I received my Alice & Olivia shorts I got on huge sale and was anxious to throw them on.  I have to say, these shorts are cute, low maintenance, and fit great!  I am also wearing a ring my grandmom gave me.  It's from the seventies and is a perfume ring.  It is in great shape and I absolutely adore it!

Today is Comic-Con!  The event lasts until Sunday and I am so excited to be going.  This means I will not be updating my blog until Monday.  However, feel free to follow me around by subscribing to my Twitter.  Link on the side!

That said, hope everyone has a great weekend.  Thanks for reading and see you soon.



Of Wasps and Lipstick

Why do I look so cautious?  I was posing right next to a wasp nest! PS - I'm a giant chicken.

Dress - H&M (similar),  Belt - Urban Outfitters,  Shoes - Cole Haan (similar),  Jewels - Gifted
Happy Monday, everyone!  I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, so I came up with a simple outfit - a loud dress with classic heels.  When the clothing is loud, accessories shouldn't be heavy. Instead, I focused on lipstick and nail polish.

Two Quick Beauty Tips from Beautician* Ally Allen
*aka Blogger

1. Lipstick is a must for any fashion forward gal.  The one I'm wearing is Chanel Mademoiselle.  It may seem expensive for some, but make-up is a tricky business.  I'd rather save up for a shade that looks beautiful on me than a cheaper alternative which is nothing special.  That said, a cheaper lipstick may look better than a more expensive one (which would be a great situation!)

2. Get unique nail colors. Yes, I know there are dupes for the expensive brands.  I'm not telling you to buy 20 dollar nail polish - I'm saying get colors that are unique and different.  I'm wearing Nars' Orgasm.  Apparently people either love or hate this particular polish.  On a general note, obviously buy what you like - nails don't have to be trendy all of the time and not everyone is going to like it.

Thanks for sticking till the end!  Now, I have a question for you guys - Do you invest in expensive make-up or opt for cheaper products?



A Sequined Saturday

Dress and skirt - Free people, Shoes - Dolce Vita (similar),  Bracelets - Madewell & Juicy Couture, Sunglasses - Rayban, Earings - Kate Spade, Bag - Michael Kors

Happy weekend everyone!  It has been hot in San Diego , so I've been dressing in sleeveless shirts and shorts all week.  Today I decided to be a bit more flirty and girly by wearing a Free People dress with a frilly white skirt underneath.  Also, I love my Dolce Vita sandals.  I've had them for a while but just haven't been wearing them as often as I would like.  Expect to see them a bit more.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



A Day in Beverly Hills

Yesterday I went to the fashion capital of southern California - Beverly Hills.  So, of course I went to Neiman Marcus.
Known as Needles Markup to some.
Neiman-Marcus and I are on a look-touch-but-don't-buy basis.  Usually.  Right now they are having an amazing pre-sale event.  I found some jeans from AG and shorts from Theory - both in my size, which is very rare.  In the end, I "settled" on some very cute Alice + Olivia shorts (pictures to come in the next few weeks).

Other than the pre-sale items, there were some great pieces.  A standout is an Equipment blouse which comes in a variety of colors.
Buy here
Dear Equipment - if you have too many of these shirts, just know that I am here and ready to accept any which you no longer need. Desperately Love, Ally.

Food from Urban Fresh
I had a great lunch, ate Sprinkles ice cream (long line for ice cream, even longer for cupcakes), then finished off the day by getting a haircut and dye.

It was a wonderful day.  The great thing about Beverly Hills is that you don't have to spend a ton of money to have a great time.

Anyone have a clothing item they need and will do anything for? Any fun plans this weekend? -Ally



Top: Urban Outfitters  Shorts: Urban Outfitters  Blazer: H&M  Belt: Coach (vintage)  Shoes: Madewell (Keds)  Bangles: Madewell

Happy Fourth everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great one.  I'm going to Coronado island today and will be taking pictures and tweeting regularly all day today.

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How to Dress to Impress on the Fourth

Or, how to dress for the Fourth without looking like Uncle Sam.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, a day many fashion bloggers seem to love.  From photos to guides, girls have been showing off their style with this holiday in mind.  However, most of the photos and guides feature bright red shorts, American flag purses, and electric blue blazers.  And while the outfits are cute, most girls don’t own these items.

So, my goal is to show you good fashion with pieces of clothing you may have in your closet. Also, to make sure that you don’t look like America threw up all over you.

If you own something with the Flag on it…

The Fourth Outside

Let the shorts/shirt/etc. be the main point of the outfit.  The tank top is cute and does not grab attention.  Wear modest jewelry, preferably a ring with turquoise in it.  If you don’t have a turquoise ring, invest in one! I bought mine a year ago and wear it every day.  My favorite part about this outfit would be the Madewell shoes.  If you don’t own these shoes, I would suggest a brown sandal.  Keep the outfit light and summery!

If you are going to a barbeque/any social event during the day…

The Fourth Minus the Flag

A lot of us don’t have American print anything.  So, another option is pairing a red, white, or blue shirt with black shorts.  I would tuck the shirt into the shorts and maybe add a belt.  I’m all about subtlty, and black is a color that many wouldn’t add to their outfits for this day. To be a bit more patriotic, add a bangle or two with one of the three colors and you’re good to go!

If you are going to the beach or a pool party…

The 4th at the Beach

This one is pretty obvious – wear a “patriotic” swimsuit with a white cover-up.  If you only have a black swimsuit, wear blue or red nail polish – it’ll pop!

If you are going out to watch the fireworks…

Fancy 4th

Wear a jean shirt or dress. Not only is this blue, but many associate jean shirts with “hard working people”.  Well, at least I do. Anyways, if you only have a jean shirt, pair it with black pants so you won’t look like you "blued" yourself.  Pair either the dress or pants with red flats or nude heels.    This outfit is more about looking classy than looking like the American flag.

These are only a few ideas.  And I am definitely not telling you not to dress crazy – some people take this holiday less seriously than others!

What are your plans for tomorrow?  Already have your outfit picked out? 



Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs   Skirt: Anthropologie  Shoes: Coach (similar)   Earrings: Kate Spade   Ring and Necklace: Gifted  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban  Bag: Michael Kors  

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope it is going smoothly. I’m in love with my shoes right now – they go with almost everything!   Also, I know a black bag would have gone better with the outfit, but I just got my new purse and I want to wear it with everything.


A Floral Affair

Dress: H&M
Purse: Levi’s

It’s official – I am obsessed with floral prints.  Flowers and clothing have always made a great pair, but this year the duo is especially prevalent and the print will continue to be popular in Fall 2012.

Long sleeve blouses are year long-pieces. The shirts are versatile and lightweight and can be paired with nearly anything.

Floral jeans are everywhere this season.  Many designer denim brands have their own version of the floral pant.  And while all of these designer jeans are very cute, I like the Free People floral jeans the most,.  They are the most affordable and fit me very well.

Right: J Brand

Do you own any great floral pieces?  Any catch your eye? Tell me about it – leave a comment below!