Met Gala: The Good, the Bad, the Really Not Fab

So, in an attempt to continue to be relevant, I'm offering up some mild snark and high praise for some looks from the Met Gala. "The Met Gala?" you say, slightly confused. "Why, what is that?" It's the Metropolitan Museum of Art's costume party (this year the theme being punk) where only the rich and famous are invited. And I, being so incredibly awesome, have picked out the most unique fashions from the evening so you don't have to sit through and look at all the pictures yourself. And I'm tellin' ya now, these punk dudes and gals were not so...well...they look pretty terrible if you ask me.

From left to right

Kerry Washington in Vera Wang
So, I give you kudos, Ms. Washington. You actually look punk. However, this dress is just way too busy for those gloves. Maybe would have benefited you to through your hair up? People have this on their best dressed and it just confuses me. Maybe I'm not high fashion enough.

Zandra Rhodes in a regretful ensemble
Looking like a confused bubblegum gypsy who used kool-aid to dye her hair has never been punk. Ok, the hair is punk, but paired with that outfit it is just crazy grandma.

BeyoncĂ© in Givenchy 
I should have turned back now. It looks like Baroque threw up all over her legs. I mean that boot is pretty cool, but how is this punk? It's more gothic if anything. She has a great body, should have gone for something more flattering.

Madonna in Givenchy
Woman, dress your age already! If I saw my mom dressed like this I would probably never leave the house again. Also, she looks like Farquaad with that haircut.

Ashley Madeweke as a mermaid
Yeah, she's a mermaid. Nothing punk about this piece at all. Unless I missed the memo that marine creatures are considered couture punk fashion now.

Katy Perry in Dolce and Gabbana
Oh boy. I have mixed feelings. It just seems so busy. But it's just...kinda sick. I mean, she looks like she walked out of a Byzantine mosaic crossed with a Klimt painting. And she kept to the theme. I'm in a love hate relationship.

Cara Delevingne in Burberry
So, I'm thinking the whole cocaine scandal was to prep for the Met Ball - right? Personal life aside, Cara looks fierce in this studded gown. It's great she didn't make her outfit too crazy which really makes it shine.

Nina Dohbrev in Monique Lhuillier
EASILY my favorite. I am totally gushing over this because it is so different but she looks SO badass. It only would have looked better with her boyfriend on her arm. Here is a front view.

Rooney Mara in Givenchy
Punk goes wedding? This dress is a beautiful gown one would think would be on the red carpet for award shows. HOWEVER, there's zipper detailing along the back and front. Gives it a punk edge. Also, her deep plum lipstick is a welcome contrast to the white gown.

I suppose one disappointment I had with the Gala is that not many got into character and, if they did, it was typically overboard (I'm looking at you, Madonna). However, when the outfits were good, they kicked major bootay.

Agree? Disagree? Don't even care? Let me know in the comments mes amis!


  1. I was so surprised at Madonna's hair and outfit! I wish that she would just show up in a normal gown for once! I love her though no matter what, but she is too pretty to be dressed like that still. xx PIp


  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  3. The whole punk theme of the Met gala, exhibition and related fashion collaborations is really complicated for me. While I am glad there is an exhibition dedicated to the era/music/aesthetic the idea of high fashion parading around under the guise of punk is off -putting. It is a co-opting of a movement that self-identified as anti-establishment by the establishment. Even behind the complex politics of that I feel really weird about the price tag associated with this stuff in relationship to the movement.


    1. Damn, I see where you're coming from. I admit I looked at these people pretty superficially without thinking about the subtext of what punk really is. It may be a bit different in this case as the even is being held at a museum which typically celebrates different sub-cultures. After I think about it, though, it's really a complicated subject when examining the theme a bit more closely. Thanks for bringing this up Rachel!

  4. Nina looked absolutely amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. many attendees actually didn't look do the greatest job dressing in my opinion, but you hit it on the spot lol. I'd also add Kim Kardashian to that list. My fave was Kate Bosworth!

    1. I was going to add Kim but I figured most people already saw her massive fail. And Kate did look pretty fierce in that pink embellished dress!

  6. I loved the idea of a punk theme at the Met Gala this year, but I also think that too many didn't follow through & decided to play it safe instead.
    My favorite was Anne Hathaway. That black lace gown & her newly bleached blonde locks were perfect for the event!

    1. I was pretty disappointed as well. And I almost added Anne to the looks! She looked great!

  7. wow how could they get the punk theme so wrong! I do agree with you that Madonna should really dress her age and Nina Dohbrev looks absolutely stunning, I love her dress so much! x


  8. My all time favorite was Rooney Mara! She looked beautiful!!

    I started to follow you on GFC and Bloglovin' and I hope you can do the same for me! Thanks!


  9. Where is Miley?!?! Ha ha ha! My fave is also Rooney Mara (hello? White, when everybody else is in black?!).
    Thanks for stumblin' my blog!

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  10. Miley's dress was my favorite!!


  11. I really like the punk theme going on here. I love the rooney mara too!

  12. i love the punk dress code but some of the outfits were so disapointing!
    Nicole Richies look was my fave! x