Blogger Etiquette: Are We Too Nice or Too Lazy?

I took a week break due to my vacation to Canada. I'll have a new post on Monday.
On a daily basis, many of us leave comments on blogs. Typically, these comments are usually brief and positive.  And when I say positive, I mean cavity inducing sweetness with chocolate fudge and sprinkles.

But, what happens when we get something called constructive feedback or - GASP - a negative comment?

I think most of us would be hurt or even angry and delete the comment.  Why? Because we aren’t used to any sort of criticism.  And, we aren’t ones to give criticism for this reason.

But, maybe we don’t give criticism because we are lazy.

Here's an example.

What you see

Now, let's form a comment based on those really quick thoughts.

What you could post

 What you do post

There is an obvious difference between the two.  Once is thoughtful and constructive and offers ways to make the blog more interesting.  The second is uninspired, but nice.  Sometimes it's hard to say anything more than a sentence or two.

Now, I am not unthankful at all.  Comments are great and make the blogger feel good.  But there are times where the pure nice words are being typed so we can go on one's page.  And we all do this.  We want recognition for our work.

Everything boils down to this - are we too lazy or too nice?  In my opinion, the two go hand in hand.  If one is going to offer constructive suggestions, there has to be a sizable amount to the comment so the blogger isn't offended. And who wants to write a ton of words, right?  So people write the minimal amount which is typically pure praise.  It's a never ending cycle.  And, when there is criticism, there is hurt feelings because this criticism is mistaken as being mean.  Just think about the whole IFB affair - comments disagreed with a post and the creator of the website ended up calling her readers bullies.

In the end, I'd say if we toughened up and gave more thoughtful comments, we would benefit not individually, but as a blogging community. However, that's just me.  What do you think?  Are we lazy and want views or just too nice?

Please remember I am thankful for any and all comments - it's just a trend I've noticed.


Guest posts, 100 followers, favorites - OH MY!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I went to the mall and bought my boyfriend a Vince sweater for fifty bucks (usually they’re 165) and watched Curb Your Enthusiasm. A relaxed weekend, but a welcomed one. Anyways, this isn’t exactly a fashion post, but rather a message to everyone. 

Firstly, thank you all for subscribing, as I now have 100 followers. Considering I’ve only been around for two months, I’m extremely thankful for all of the support I’ve received and plan on bringing more content to everyone.

Secondly, I’ve add a list in the sidebar of blogs I love. I tried to spotlight those who do not have many followers but have great content. I probably do not have enough followers to heavily influence their traffic, but anything helps - right?

Here they are...

Coffee and Cardigans
The Curatorial
Faye Roco
Fashion Fetishism
Moi Minnie
So Capricious

I enjoy everyone that I follow. These stick out to me because they always have content worth reading, clean design, and fabulous photos. They’re pretty unique and most of them have an edge to them. Please check them out!

Thirdly (I'm oh so formal), I’ve been featured over at My Love Affair With Fashion where I write about the classic tee and jean outfit. It’s my first guest post and I’m excited to be featured.

I suppose this was a post full of firsts! Again, thank you everyone for your support and I can’t wait to grow with everyone.


How to Use Your Dog as an Accessory

Top: Michael Stars  I can't find any online stores carrying this, but I went to Bloomingdales and they had plenty in store.
Hello everyone! A few days ago I went shopping and bought this great, lightweight top from Michael Stars.  I'm freakishly obsessed with it because I have been searching for something like this that is not obnoxiously fragile and - voila - it appeared!  So happy, so lucky, best day ever.

The fun doesn't stop there.  Oh no, no, no.  I walked my boyfriend's dog, Annie (remember her?).  And, boy - she is the best blogging accessory ever.

Not facing the camera, yet still looking cute.  She's better at posing than I am...that's not saying alot, though.
Dogs are adorable.  Unlike cats, you can walk them and pet them with being mauled. Combine dogs and fashion blogging and BAM - you are the most unique fashion blogger ever.  If you have a baby or a blogger boyfriend, you know how being part of this fashion elite feels.  Gone are the days of awkward and alone photos - you have a dog to pose with.

Well, at least I'm not alone...
In all seriousness, I went for an early evening walk with my boyfriend and decided to show everyone my casual style (plus a Westie).  In my opinion, you don't have to look like atlantic-pacific  all of the time in order to look good.  Of course, my style may have to do with my age - I'm not a twenty-something like most of you.  If I dressed like AP, I think it would add years to my age although I would love to have her closet.

Trying to look as insufferable as possible.
I hope everyone is having a good week.  The weekend is swiftly approaching which means going to Ikea and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Yeah, living the life, I know.


Savvy Saturday - 8/11

Note - I'll probably make these articles bi monthly depending on the responses I receive.

Ikat Print Button Up
Forever 21 is known for "you get what you pay for", but their pieces are great for the broke college student.  They have many cute blouses for all under twenty dollars.  If you're looking to buy a cheap blouse, F21 would be the place to go.


Just a Little Red & Orange

Dress: UO (MASSIVE sale on it right now!)  Belt: Vintage Coach  Shoes: DV

Hey everyone!  I'm a bit late on posting this outfit but I haven't had access to the camera and I'm busy with work and blah blah blah.  Anyways, I wore this outfit on Saturday when I went to The Grove in LA.  I had a pretty good day with my boyfriend but there really isn't much to do there other than shop.  Yeah, I know - shopping is great.  However, everything was so expensive.  I think going into Barney's made me severely depressed for the rest of the day.  Not really (ok, maybe a little).

I hope your week is going smoothly. Atleast it's hump day!

Also, I'm planning on changing up the site a bit. Eventually this'll happen.  Once I stop being so laaazy.


Savvy Saturday

Hello again!  Today I am starting a weekly round-up of things I find on sale or are more affordable.  Yes, it's simple.  But I am extremely sales savvy...and a college student.  So, I want to show my readers some great finds which are great in quality and price.  Also, I don't want this blog to be pure OOTD posts.

So, let's get to it!

Dress by Bailey 44.
Ok well, Neiman is always pricey.  But I think that the sales are great for such quality pieces.  Not only is the clothing on sale, but there are always shoes on sale as well.  These Espadrilles by Splendid are under fifty bucks and these Elizabeth and James ballerina flats are on sale as well.  The sales on Neiman are random and I advise checking the website daily if you're looking for great deals.


IFB Links a la Mode featuring ME?

Hey everyone.  So apparently I've been featured on IFB.  I've only been around for a month so I was pretty shock to be featured by such a huge community in such little time!  Thank you very much for the honor, IFB. 

On a side note, I will be posting something later today.  

Be sure to check everyone out and I'll see you all later today