Guest Post: Your Personal Style

Hey everyone! Today I'm doing my first guest post which is more like a response to this small article about dressing appropriately and your age. Nicole is very honest and keeps her style "real" (my Cali-girl is showing, isn't it?).
I am so excited to be here on The Fitted Frame today. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Nicole Cushing, and I blog over at Nicole Kelly. While you can find real outfit posts and inspiration on my blog, you will also find tips and tricks for styling a great look and building a closet. Ally is a great blogger, and I was so excited when she asked for a guest post while she was studying (isn't she so sweet, stroking my ego like that -A). I've decided to share a little bit of advice with you all today, along the lines of staying true to you and our style!

We all know that The Fitted Frame is full of inspiration for the every day girl. But what happens when you start to wonder if what you’re wearing is not you? Or what if people around you start questioning the clothing you are wearing? Some of this just might happen to you throughout your life, so here are a few ways to stay true to your style!

1.Remember it's your clothing and style! Not your friends, not your moms, not a mannequins - yours. Your daily outfits should be nothing less than a reflection of your personal style.  

2. Keep your inspiration at the forefront. A good way to stay true to yourself is to not get deterred by others, is to keep your inspiration at the forefront. Make an inspiration board. Save it as your desktop photo or pin it to your bulletin board. Keep your inspiration in front of you so you can stay true to yourself when you are getting ready in the morning and when shopping around the mall.  

3. Define your reasons. Yeah, it sounds a little odd, but I’m betting that you have a reason for why you want to wear or buy a specific clothing item. Maybe it’s a reminder of a certain memory or maybe it just makes you happy. Whatever the reason, I’m sure it’s there- and it’s how you will stay true to your personal style!

I know these all sound like simple things, but trust me… they can all be so easily forgotten! Do you all know and stay true to personal style? Or have you been had a hard time staying true to your style? I would love to know about your experiences!


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  1. Point one is so right! Just with that one, no need to explain further than that!

  2. I completely agree with the point one!

  3. Thanks for letting me guest post!


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