Art as Fashion

To say I love art would be an understatement. This may be a bit dramatic, but I'm planning on making it my life since I'm an Art History student. And, since it's part of my life, might as well make it part of my wardrobe. Here are three pieces of clothing and accessories that I find to be extremely artistic and different. Art as fashion seems to be a growing trend, one which I am very excited to see evolve.

Air Tattoo 

Vine by Air Tattoo
Air Tattoo is "Wearable Art For Your Neck". I love the idea behind this Kickstarter.  There are four different necklaces to choose from, all vastly different from one another and giving off different moods. And, while these are some great designs, I don't know how practical they'd be or how well they would go with clothing.  Sure, they look good on a naked model - baby vomit would look good on a naked model (too far?). But, on a clothed model, it looks a bit...awkward.

All that said, I may still take a chance on these beauties.  There's only three days left to get them until the campaign ends on Kickstarter, so get on it!

Black Milk Clothing

Der Kuss Dress for 90 AUD
Holy mama, I freakin' love Black Milk. Black Milk is a clothing company based in Australia that loves nylon. They have legging, bathing suits, and dresses which are all made with fashion aware girls in mind.  My favorites are the pieces with classic art printed on them. The picture above is a print of Der Kuss by Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite pieces of art.  There are other pieces featuring pieces by Van Gogh and pieces which are just plain artistic

Wearing Black Milk definitely takes some guts because the pieces are so loud. But, I think the payoff is worth it.  If only James Jean was featured on the site...

James Jean Jewelry

Constellation for 600 USD 
James Jean, my favorite living artist, has a beautiful line of jewelry.  There are five "sections" in his line - Drip, Butterfly, Bone, Strata, and Bat. They are all so vastly different but beautiful and detail oriented.  However, these pieces are insanely expensive.  Nothing is under 300 dollars, which is very disappointing since his jewelry is so unique.

He offers scarves and shirts as well. If you have the money, go for it.  Maybe buy me something while you're at it.

Do you guys have any pieces you love which incorporate art into the aesthetic? Hate art as fashion?  Feel free to tell me about it!



  1. I recently bought earrings very similar to the ones you've posted in rose gold tone. Although they had more tiny branches to them, a bit like a delicate mistle toe. I wish I could say that you can buy them ( since you like the artist) but unfortunately it was in some shop in Spain that seemed to be selling lots of replicas of current jewellery design. Anyway, point being, I agree with you that they're very pretty and they do look good on almost any one with any hairstyle.

    I'm not sure I'm liking the Klimt motive on the Black Milk Dress, too blunt for me, if you see what I'm saying. I like their galaxy and jellyfish ones though. Now, if only I had the body to pull this off ;)

  2. Incredible pieces
    love them!


  3. Dreaming of owning that Der Kuss Dress!:)

  4. Thanks for your comment dear! Love your picks, and I can totally relate since art is my life too! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  5. These are all amazing but I must say that the dress is magnificent, I just love it!In fact I want it! Gustav Klimt, what an artist!The idea of wearing art is really nice. Ta ta!

  6. Hey, I'm not sure if you got the comment I left here the first time, something funky seems to have happened to all the comments on left on different blogs that day, anyway: I love james jean too! Have you checked out clickforart.com? He has designed some housewares for them in the past that were waaaaay less expensive than most of the stuff on his site. Also I really like Triian--they are a design team who used to be sculptors but now make jewelry. While the stuff listed on their regular website can be expensive they have amazing deals in their etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Triian?ref=shop_sugg.

    That Klimt dress is amazing!

  7. I just checked out Black Milk as per your suggestion and I love it!! So glad you commented and put up this great post!!

    Stephanie xx

  8. Black Milk is awesome! It is art to wear, I love it!
    Love, Liz

  9. I always love to read articles on fashion as art, since I graduate from applied art school with a major of fashion and textile , I personally believe that fashion is actually applied art of it's own kind.

    thanx for stopping @ my blog


    love ELena

  10. i think the dress is to die for.. so beautiful.
    btw nice blog-following :)