Ok, but seriously

I've been up to much swag since I've been gone.

It's been a long time, guys. And after many, many months and high intentions I am finally going to be back to posting on this lovely blog! Now, I have a different direction I want to take it. I'll put it in lovely bullets so it's easier to read.

  • The blog will be both fashion and beauty. I've grown to love makeup in my very long hiatus.
  • The blog will be monetized. It has to be. I'm a college student and I don't have time for a steady job since I have rigorous classes. I'll help pay for my groceries and such.
  • It'll be more fun. The posts will rang from an item I currently want to "deep", reflective posts.
    • In turn, the layout will be getting a revamp!
Now, onto how to keep updated with this blog.
I also really need some blog suggestions! Please leave some as comments.

First real post will be up soon - can't wait to talk to everyone again!

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