Nude to Dark: Tom Ford Lipsticks and You

The holy grail of lipstick.
Tom Ford lipstick is amazing. Beautiful. Tear-jerking. I have three colors, but Nude Vanille and Black Orchid are my two favorites out of the collection. They add such life to outfits and to my face and the colors are so perfect...well, let me just show you.

N u d e  V a n i l l e

Nude Vanille (48 USD, Tom Ford) is a flattering nude with a soft pink undertone. It is long lasting and never feels heavy on the lips. It's creamy in consistency and the vanilla smell is lovely.  

When looking for a nude, make sure that it does not completely match your skintone as you will look washed out. Also, while this nude works for me, it may not work for you. Tom Ford has many other nudes for a variety of skintones.

I know 48 bucks is a ton to drop on lipstick, but I highly recommend it! However, if you can't spend the money, there is MAC Fleshpot. Fleshpot lacks the pink undertone that Vanille packs and isn't as smooth, but seems to be pretty alright for a dupe. I'm sure more colors are out there but Vanille's warm, rosy base is so unique I feel nothing will be able to compare to it.

B l a c k  O r c h i d
My skin color has changed from one photo to the other. It's part of the lipsticks' abilities.
Black Orchid (48 USD) is a deep purple lipstick reminiscent of sexy vampires and blackberry stains. It is extremely long lasting as the pigment dyes the lip when the lipstick eventually smears off.

I can't pull a bright color off very well, but I've been wanting a statement making color for such a long time. This color was a bit scary at first since it's not very natural, but it really goes well with my pale complexion and is an all around great purchase. It also goes with my Tom Ford nail color, which is just so great.

There are a couple dupes I found on the net. One is, once again, from MAC called Diva (20 USD).  It appears to be slightly more red but is an extremely solid dupe if you're  unwilling to spend fifty bucks.  There is also a Wet n Wild dupe, but I wouldn't recommend it personally since I'm not a huge fan of how cheaper lipsticks look or smell.

What's your favorite nude and plum lip? Also, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr for more fashion and beauty action!


  1. i haven't dived into the world of luxury lipsticks yet, but that nude vanilla looks so gorgeous! your face is flawless!

    1. Trust me, it isn't. I use Make Up Forever's concealer and HD foundation - ITS AMAZING! I'll be writing a post on it soon enough. I saw your post about spring must haves and you said that the concealer you have doesn't quite cover everything. This one does and it lasts all day.

      Sorry got a little excited there.

  2. Wow I love both these colors, so gorgeous!

  3. oh wow, that dark orchid one is BEAUTIFUL. i would have thought the orchid one would come on more pale though. my favorite nude one is called "mystic" from MAC, it adds the perfect pale color

    xo Marlen
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  4. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  5. omg i want that nude for everyday ! I love your blog, its amazing! I will be so happy if you could visit my blog and say what you think!


  6. Im a fan of a nude color lipstick, i need one.

  7. Both lipsticks are soo beautiful! Thanks for the review


  8. the colours looks amazing!! they both really suit you!
    and also the lipstick itself is awesome...


  9. i really like both, the suit you so good!
    such amazing, love your site!

    Sergio, xx

  10. I love the dark color! I can't wear nude lipstick but they both look great on you ♡

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    Win a $200 Amiclubwear gift card on my blog:


  11. I've been looking in to buying a Tom Ford lipstick for so long now! They look so luxurious and long-lasting!
    Love this review, makes me want to buy one even more now!