A Floral Affair

Dress: H&M
Purse: Levi’s

It’s official – I am obsessed with floral prints.  Flowers and clothing have always made a great pair, but this year the duo is especially prevalent and the print will continue to be popular in Fall 2012.

Long sleeve blouses are year long-pieces. The shirts are versatile and lightweight and can be paired with nearly anything.

Floral jeans are everywhere this season.  Many designer denim brands have their own version of the floral pant.  And while all of these designer jeans are very cute, I like the Free People floral jeans the most,.  They are the most affordable and fit me very well.

Right: J Brand

Do you own any great floral pieces?  Any catch your eye? Tell me about it – leave a comment below!

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  1. Love floral as well! I've followed your great blog (: Thanks for your comment on mine but for some reason I can't see your follow? XOXO Angela